“Don’t judge each day by the harvest that you reap but the seeds that you plant” -Robert Luis Stevenson


Look at what you’ve done today, not what you will be getting out of the day. This is me dumbing out a beautiful quote, for myself of course. Everything becomes daunting when you think of achievements rather than growth. Honing a growth mentality pushes us to make the journey towards our goals, and focus on bettering ourselves.

I’ve been starting each day with a “What am I able to do today”, rather than “What do I have to do today”. To be able to do anything in itself is a privilege that comes out of living life (this is the profound, existential me talking). By beginning my day this way, gives me the power over what I hope to accomplish instead of what needs to be done. Obviously there are certain things that need attention (health, parents, dogs), but imagine saying

“I am able to do my chores today”

“I have to do my chores today”

One gives us control over the day and views the option of doing chores as a willing and freeing action, as if you have the privilege of doing chores. The other sounds like a nag.

To be honest I’m just dreading doing my chores.

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