she was not someone to get over, but rather to come to terms with


We all have that one relationship we second guess, yet they’re someone that never leaves our life. No matter what you have done, no matter where you will be, they’ll be right there with you, enjoying the ride in their own way.

I have been given the overused advice of “just get over them”. As if I haven’t tried. How am I truly able to get over someone when they’re so ingrained into my life? Some people are not meant to be forgotten, let go, pushed off from the edge of your life. Changing them will never work. You know because you’ve tried. As much as they have hurt you, they have also brought blinding joy.

Therefore as much as we try to leave them behind, we come to terms with them. With their difficult habits, attitudes, behaviours. Life would not be the same without them, even if sometimes it becomes much too difficult with them. When you let go of the desire to change others, you’re finally able to take a deep breath. No more worrying about what would make someone easier to be with, and instead thinking about everything they’ve done to make you want to be with them.

Also this quote was from Judy Blume’s, Summer Sisters, for anyone wondering

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